Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Santiago News 5.27.2015

Dear everyone! 
     I have time to write another letter, yay for typing super fast. i want to express that i love God so much, and His begotten son Jesus Christ. i have felt their love for the people here and felt that love for myself. and i know they love you all so very much. and to follow Christ will bring such great blessings, blessings of being cleaned and entering into a covenant with the Lord through baptism. <i am so happy and grateful i am baptized. makes me so happy. I bear my testimony that I am not here to take anything away from the people, but to give more, hope, love, strength, purpose, and overall happiness in their lives through our message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And i say this in the name of Jesus Amen.
         Its been humbling to be a district leader, but i love all who i serve, something that helps me is, different is not sin. <helps me be humble and loving to all. One teacher who inspires me very much is hermano vasquez, he is a daily inspiration of what i want to become. Its been tough here, very tough, but i love every minute of it, even on the not so great days. Like they say you know its a good day, if you felt the spirit. Also i dont sleep at the mtc, i sleep with twenty other misisonaries in a house called alcantar. dad like your name. its a swedish house, so inside looks like the sound of music house. its awesome. i feel so blessed to live there with everyone, we are one big family. i am very blessed to be here now. also we are right in the middle of the city, every morning we have to run before the sun comes out. honestly i feel like rocky. hahaha running through the city in sweats and working hard, and being prepared. i love it. i have learned a lot here, i understand why missioanries grow so fast, i feel diferent already. its amazing. the moments where i feel the most like a respent of christ, is when i am serving others, helping others. its been great. some people here dont like us mormons, but i still love with all my heart. they dont make me angry or frustrated, just sad, because they are missing out on so much. I love you so very much. 
                                    elder rivera. 


Dear everyone! 
          hi, i}m here safely in santiago mtc, this week has been amazing and i have found my love for the people of chile. i love thme. traveling here was fantstasticly long. haha but one the flights from utah to alanta, i got to bear my testimony and conversion story and basic beliefs of the lds church. it was awesome feeling. i sat next to her on the flight. i felt the spirit tell me to talk to her, but she had earphones on. i prayed from God to give me the opputunity to talk to her and <<<he gave me one. yay. ask and you shall recieve. <i started to talk to her and asked her about her day, and i flet guided by the spirit. <i didnt have a book of mormon with me but i invited her to go to it was an amazing first time missionary experience, i glet happy i was able to plant at least a seed. <she was very suprised that we beleived in the holy ghost, it wasa great experience, i reliezed though i have traveled a lot, this was the first time was a member of the church of jesus christ. it was so different. 
     atlanta is jazzy with energy, even saw martin luther king jr. suit when he met with the president. yay. okay about santiago. i am district leader for my group of latino missionaries. two from peru, three from here chile, one mexicana, and one from costa rica, its been an honer serving them. ther has been highs and lows being a leader, but i love it here. i am really happy. the mexican and one from peru and hermans. they are so sweet. the rest are elders and they are very funny and hard working. amazing personalities. <my companion is <chilean, spiritual, kind and fantastic. <elder olguin. <he is a vegterian and breakdancer. <okay my spirtual experience. the second day here we all new missionaries went into a room, where a teacher and two other teachers play as investagators and missionaries. the missionaries were horrible, but at first we laughed, but was we got see more and more of the investigador. we stopped laughing, we became sad by the example of the bad missionaries the investigador needed help and he getting nothing. <then they said cut. mission president told it it was our turn to teach him, ti help him. we all asked questions directly to him as he sat there. and the more and more we asked, the more and more i felt love for him. and when he shared his whole heart with us. the room became silent and i felt the spirit so strongly, i held tears back. after a few moments of silence. out mission president told us. welcome to the mission. i remembered why i am here, why i want to be a missionary, why i am a missionary. <i had forgotten over the nervousness and traveling and trying to make new friends. <from that day, i felt ready to work, and serve the people here and love. them. so invite all of you to remember why you follow <christ, why you have accepted the evengelio de jesus cristo. okay funny stuff, i was able to trick both latinos and gringos that i am latin, that im from mexico, when i spoke english perfectly everyone was atonsihsed then i confesed i am from utah. hahaha i had a great laugh. one week down, and need one more week, then im for my mission field. i might not write for two weeks so dont panic mom. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<like i have said, many high and lows, but i love it here. ilove the people, i love my mission, i know why i am here. 
                                          elder rivera
much mom and dad and jose and all my family! <i send big hugs. forgive my grammar mistakes and spelling. write super fast.