Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6.10.2015 Santiago News

Dear Everyone!
Hi, i love you all! So i just went through my first official week in the mission. It was full of ups and downs, miracles and amazing experiences. First, i want to share some spiritual experiences. First, we found this family while we were walking door to door. Well here everyone has gates, so we have to knock and then yell a couple times, hello!  i feel so rude yelling each time. haha but here its normal, its just how they get the attention of the people. so we met this family, a large family with a little girl, they let us in, which was a miracle itself, usually they never let us in on the first meeting. So it was exciting, the family turned out to be nonactive members of the church, newley discovered, miracle, then we started to share a message and the whole time it was really noisy with the little girls and the kids. But then my companion, started to share the first vision. And it became very quiet, and every just looked  at the photo of jospeh smith praying, even the little girl, Lindis age. She stood infront of the photo and just stared at the photo. Then when my companion finsihed the first vision, the little girl just looked up and said to my companion, el luz, the light. I was so atonished, the spirit testified so strongly the first vision to this amazing family. It had to power to calm the whole family. I testify of the power of the spirit testifying the first vision, its one of the things i read that testified to me This church is the Church of Christ. I truly do love reading Joseph Smith history. 

Second experience, we were teaching this other wonderful family, a great family, we they progressing great and they dont call me elder ever. They always call me Danny or Daniel. They know my first name and my companions. They call my companion elder, because they cant pronounce Ogden. Their own son is named Daniel as well, they like to call me their second son. They are sweet, and the father is a really funny, always teasing people, especially my companion. its really funny. Well, they were doing great, then we heard something had happened, the mother of the family told us she was told some stuff that made her mad. My companion and I knew someone had shared with her some false info on the church, we were nervous, but ready to help her. We went to their house, she then told us everything she was told and we were about ready to speak, when she spoke and said, I didnt believe any of it, its just not true, the person had no idea what she was talking about. I know you are representives of christ and are here to help. We sat their honestly astonished. 

Later my companion told me he never had a investigator react that way to false info about the church. She continued that with so much opposition in her life right now because she is progressing must be a sign she is on the right path. Again we were just smiling and astonished. We shared with her the frist vision of Joseph smith, she told she felt like joseph smith, that the darkness is coming right now, but the light will some come. My companion and I were just smiling the whole time, she has such strong faith, the family are so strong in faith, they were ready for christ to be in their lives. i am so happy for them. Also first sacrament sunday here in chile, i didnt expect much people since my companion told me only about thirty usually come. But we had the most people come, 58 people! it was another miracle, and we saw many inactive members we invited go to sacrament. Then to finish our sunday, the last contact we did, where we have gone often but were never invited in, we were finally invited in. 

We discovered a great family, we thought it was only one person living their. But an entire family was there, we talked for a long time, they are great parents with good kids. Teenagers. Sunday was filled with miracles with many new families to teach and investigators growing my faith. It was so great to see! I love being here. its great to see how the teachings of Christ help families be more united and really show their love for each other. One family we taught at a party, we didnt know they would have so much family over, but they wanted us to share a message, so we did. plan of salvation. an elderly lady

More info on my mission, there are many inactives here, many are baptized, but barely anyone actively participates, so we do a lot of visits with inactives. I have a great mission president , very wise. So like i said last letter in my mission we wake up at 7¨-30. Which is great, but my companion and i wake up ealier to have more time to workout. haha One of the passions we both share. We also in our free time at night workout more. haha we are probably the most fit missionaries. haha Also here the food is interesting,  Its like american food, i dont consider it latin. haha its american with latin influences, but trust me, nothing tastes like it does back home. haha its good, but man it can be so strange. Also i m drinking matte, its a herb drink. Its so so bitter, but its great for my stomach, and tastes better with sugar. And i have decided on a accent. haha Columbian. I want to have a columbian accent when i go back home, i dont want any other accent. haha Luckily my companion has a columbian accent. 

Till next week, i love you all! 


Elder Rivera

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