Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6.17.2015 Santiago News Continued

Funny thing happened this week. I went to one house, where this cute old lady lived, shes a member and she was in charge of giving us food. I was excited because i was really hungry. I went with my comp and with two other missionaries, latinos, one from peru the other from Chile. And also a member from our barrio, caesar, to give an imagine of this kid, he is about to leave for his mission, hes barely reaches my shoulder, he loves rapping, freestyle, and its one of the biggest personalities. lots of fun, he helps us a lot when we need a member to come us with to lessons. Well we all went, when we got to the house, it was very very short. I couldnt stand up straight. All the people of chile are just tiny, just tiny. haha So we all sit down, and she serves us this huge portion of stew. Just an awful amount. i prayed to finish it, haha, and it was a miracle i did. I was so happy i finished all the food. 

Then the old lady takes our plates, and tried to take ceasars spoon . HE said no, dont take it. She said, No you need a knife and fork for the steak. I just froze, like a deer in the headlights. The old lady left the room, and i just grabbed his shoulder and asked if their was more food coming. He said just smiled and so did the rest of the missionaries, I was like youve got to be kidding me. She came out, with new plates for each of us, rice and steak. IT was if she cooked a crockpot of rice for the each of us, and two pieces of steak for each. I thought i was going to die. haha I couldnt finish it, so when ever the old lady wasnt looking, caeser ate the food. Just grapped the spoon, and just poured the food down. hha After eating his own plate as well. I dont know where he put it all, it was actually amazing to watch. haha 
There are many spiritual moments, funny moments, difficult moments, sad moments, happy moments, and there all memories that i will cherish. Its been humbling to see the power of the Spirit affect and change hearts. This elderly lady we taught, first time just contacting on the street, we talked to her, and i just could feel the spirit guide everystep, evening to asking her if she would be baptized by the restored authority. You could just feel the spirit reach her heart, i could just see it work in her. She didnt say yes, but she is coming with us to church and accepted other invitations. Just from one contact, one lesson the spirit was so strong it changed her heart to action. Amazing to witness. There are many times where i know this mission is exactly where i need to be, there are many times where investigators, contacts, open their hearts and i know exactly how they felt, or feel. ITs growing my testimony in revelation. That my calling comes from God. 
I really do enjoy p-days, but i more enjoy the other days more, there are just so many unbelievable moments, where i just cant resist smiling and just saying, oh how i love the mission. Even in the bad moments. My partiarchel ( i dont know how to spell the word in english) blessing, helps me a lot to grow my testimony in Christ and their are words from God. Then i learned the greatest love is the love that drives us to action. That is the love i am trying to develop for all i come in contact with, its hard, but i keep trying. My invitation is to grow and develop that love, always remember Christ, when you say you have faith in Christ, follow Christ, and take His name upon you,  you are a representive of Him. So this week will you serve all that you meet? It doesnt how much, or how little, just serve in the name of Jesus Christ. 
                                                              Elder Rivera

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