Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6.3.2015 Chapter 2

Dear everyone again, yes i have much time to write, i am pretty fast at writing, yes! haha First some info on my mission, we get up here at seven thirty. sweet right. also we do so many things for our p day. its great. ive been all over this giant, giant, giant city. ill send photos next time. But i love it. 

The house i live in is great, but out of the city in a much more peaceful town, like the town of grandma (moms). just like a biger version of santana. it has two rooms and a bunk bed, but tons of closet space and it happens that my companion and i are very consious about how we look. hahaha its funny. 

I really do enjoy my time here. I road the metro, crzy, crazy, so crazy. hahaha but fun. also i ate mexican tacos today, i know i know, im in chile and i eat mexican food, couldnt help it. haha Also i blend in pretty well, i saw castles and huge giant univerities, this city has everything. My companions name is Elder Ogden. Hes becoming a good friend. 

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