Tuesday, June 9, 2015


dear everyone, 

super fun! left our home of alcantar super early in the morning. i felt extremely nervous and worried. then when i go to the mmeet the two assistants, i flet more comforable. we went to santaigo sur. okay one my sector is part of the outskirts of the city, which is nice. its fantastic here, i lov ethe people. we arrived at the cappila and met with president ook and his wife. super kind. Funy thing President cooks wife, takes everything serisoulsy, so president cook teasers her all the time. its hilarious. i have an amazing mission president. he truts in all of us to be super hard working and obediant, bt he teaches with firm love. its fantastic, he is very wise. okay i found out that my mission is the smallest mission of all south america. apparently i viewed the wrong map. haha its really small. TINY! 

the people here i have met are kind. also we record progress here differently, we are the first ones to do this type of pogress recording, the people over souith america missions is now approving this to other missions. my sector, or area of mission is the weakest, many many many inactvidos. i met this mazing kind, sweet family, not members, they let us in we talked. they really are a diamond. just amaing, i call them my miracle family, they have stayrd togother through everything, and have separeted themselves from wordly things, and they arent even members. mom, dad, and daughter of twenty three. amazingly kind and humble, and extremely funny. i couldnt stop laughing. my companion, is amazing, the best missionary. when i first saw all the trainers, i hoped it would be him to train me, i just felt he could teach me a lot. and when they said his name and mine. i was realy happy! i dont have apicture to send, my camera doesnt connect to this computer. but he looks just like a young luis miguel. ahaha hes told me everyone tells him that. we have many similarties in personality and what we like to do. its awsome. he just as passionite in exercise and working out as i am. this morning we worked out together in his home made gym. haha it was awesome. also hes set the bar high on the type of missionary and person i want to become during my mission. i am his laft companion. he leaves on the day i will complete two years of being a member of the church. and hes from utah, and he going to leave in orem and go to uvu, and we have so many more connections, i feel like we will be very good friends even after our mission. <he has a girlfriend, who is really funny. its been funny to see all the types of things she sends him, its hilirious. 

I keep receving so many blessings in my life, and i know its only possible because i decided to follow christ, and start with that covenant, baptism, every since then, God, Christ and the spirit have helped me grow and grow and change in so many ways, and its very humbly to reflect. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I love you all! Oh ill share a spiritual experience, i was in the capilla, and we had time to share our testimonies, i sat there praying to have the spirit, because i felt super nervous, then i felt the spirit in my chest, and heard the words, now you have my spirit, will do as i ask. bear your testimony. i sat there, and i knew i had to get up, i did. afterwards, i felt peace and joy. 

I know as we follow the holy ghost blessings will come. I can already feel my testimony growing. which makes me so happy, its hard work, and wow do i get tired of walking, but its great. today i spent the day in the main city, in the center. SO MUCH ENERGY. everyone has something to do, an agenda, its crazy loud and never queit, its kinda really really great. explored a medevial castle, which asended to a very high tower looking over the city, took pictures. my companion is very energetic and loves to go everywhere for the pday. i want to know the city like he does, so when he goes i take out the missionaries i get as companions out and about as he does for me. we also ate several types of food, delicious. yum. I love you and have a great week, my pdays here are wednesday. Also yes it does get cold here, its freaking crazy when the sun is out and everything is green, but its cold. so strange. Know that i am happy. Love you all so much. thanks for all the letters. 
Elder Rivera 

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