Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6.24.2015 Santiago News

Dear Everyone, 

Hi! I love you all. This week has been filled with some many events i dont know where to start. First this week, its been filled with a lot of struggles. But as i have said before my companion and i have gone through similar things and he has been able to share things that helped him. He gave me a scripture to read and study. I studied it and in the end i found where i was lacking faith, and ever since that day i have been working to grow my faith to an unwavering faith in all things and in all aspects of the gospel. ITs been very helpful, it was like a lightswtich went off and it was very humbling but it felt it helped me find the peace i needed and desired. Its amazing to think that man can still receive revelation. I am very grateful for Christ and His infinite atonement. As i have been testifying and teaching more and more each day, its grown my own faith and testimony in the things i am teaching. 
After the first weeks of lots of miracles and sucess, we have truly felt opposition this week. From all aspects, its amazing how hard satan tries stop the work of God. But we have been working and giving are all each day, so I know more miracles and blessings are up ahead. I found out this week that one out of every thirty people in Chile are Mormons. But many, many, many are inactive. So we do a lot of activaction work, and as the days go by my partichal blessings and personal study has helped me a lot to see how i can help them. Its been amazing to see the blessings that come from the personal study that we do each morning. Oh i want to share a spiritual experence of peserving to the end. 

This last few days, we didnt have much people to teach. And one day we were walking all day, all our appointments fell and in contacts no one wanted to even talk to us. At night, we were heading to another appointment and were in a hurry. We walked quickly through a street and I said hi to someone, like we always do. We say hi to everyone, i mean everyone. And this man was there smoking, infront of his garage. I said, Hi. When i said, Hi, i looked at his face. Something just told me, ¨Talk to him.¨ I felt and heard the impression so strong, it was quiet, but it striked my heart. I immeditaily just stopped and said the first words that came to my head. I just asked him a random question. From there my companion noticed i had stayed behind. He walked back to me and we started to talk to the man. We found out he is a mechanic, lives with his wife, two kids. He invited us inside, we met the family, the wife was at work. We talked for a bit, they were really nice and kind. The first thing i noticed was the pictures on the wall of the family. Then the wife came from work, incredibily nice as well. We made an appointment to return and we left. We just left there smiling!!! We were so happy! They have so much potential and already are such a unified family. I really do enjoy teaching families, it brings much joy to my heart. Well, i just wanted to talk about the lesson. All day felt like a failure, nothing good was happening, but we kept on working, being diligent and following Christ. And Christ lead us through all that failure, to one family, that was just super ready, it was a huge miracle. 

I know life at times it can seem really tough, and looks like there is no end but i know if you keep pushing foward and trust in Christ and in God, you will receive and see so many miracles you never thought were possible. I know this from my own personal life and finding The restored Gospel, and to the miracles i have seen other peoples life and know from the miracles and blessings i see in my mission. I love it here, and each day i found a least one reason why i am suppossed to be here. I LOVE the mission. I love the people of Chile. 
Funny story,  i said a word in spanish for empty, during bearing my testimony apparently here in Chile it a slang word for gay. So the whole time i am saying ¨{i felt really gay. hahahahaha Not only did i say it once, but i said it three times during my testimony. And the first two times the people didnt laught, but the third they just busted out laughing. man, i was so so embarrased. well thats Chilean spanish here, there are so many words that only exist here. Working on my columbian accent. 

I love you all i got to go! bye! 

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