Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7.8.2015 More Santiago News

This week has been so interesting! First, fourth of july, i actually forgot all day it was the fourth of july, until another missionary from the south of chile stood infront of me and saluted me and then started to sing amazing grace. I just laughed, but i asked why are you doing this. He looked at me and then it just clicked. Its fourth of july! how stange!! My companion and I just looked at each other and just were stunned. haha But that day was crazy because we got special premission to watch the soccer game of Chile vs Argentina for world champs. It was the final game, if Chile won we were world champs!! We watched the game with some members, who are a great family and extremely funny and with two other elders, who are in my same area. We watched the game and we were just yelling, jumping, and just filled with energy watching. And we had to leave and return to the house before the game ended for safety, because if CHile won or lost the streets would be crazy. So we left running to the house, and all the houses, every building had the television on and full blast, so running we could hear the game still. We ran for a long time, since our house is actually out of our sector. Running i felt like i was playing, haha. Hearing the speaker and running made me feel i was in the game. When we got home, we just were waiting to hear if we lost or won. Then the city roared and we know we won. Fireworks all over the place. So i got to see fireworks for the fourth of July. haha 
What an intense day. Okay now for the spiritual, i dont have a lot of time today. so here something short. we are teaching this less active member, she is an old lady. She is having laser surgery done to her eyes almost everyweek. So she can barely see and is almost completely blind. But we returned to her house yesterday and she told us she read. We were so amazed. She had read one verse in the book of mormon. She said, she felt better reading it and she even said the opening prayer to the lesson. , it had been more than ten years from the last time she read and  went to church. wow! Many times, well almost always no one keeps their promises to read or pray. And she did to read, and she is nearly blind and could only read one verse, because then her vision blurred to much to read more. Mircle, i love it when i can see that desire grow and the spirit work in their hearts. Also like Keri i have seen young adults are very open to the gospel. In this ward i am in, there are no young men, no boys at all. So one of my goals is to reactivate the young men in this ward, and God has blessed us to find many amazing less active families and teach the young men in this ward. We play lots of soccer games on pdays, so we can invite them to play. They are fantastic young kids, they just need support and good... shoot im forgeting words in english. Good influence ( there i remembered) because there are so many negative oulets out here, we have to be able to supply good ones. The more im out here the more i see how important family really is and how much the gospel is centered in families. 
Yesterday i hosted my first mondy family things, here its called noche de hogar, i cant remember what it is in english. It was fun, i got the activity from the liahona. good practice for my future family. I really enjoyed it and felt it helped a lot with feeling more unified as a family and honestly for in tune with each other and the spirit. I invite you all to do the little things in the gospel, because the effect our lives more than we think. And we always must pray, read the scriptures and go to church. And no matter what, if we do those three things our testimony will be able to withstand all things. I love you all! 
Love Daniel

Oh ps, everyone here says Chau, not adios. Also women here catcall! so strange, so strange. haha also please excuse any grammer mistakes. Also the swear word for butt, here is a sandwich, found in all fast food restraunts. its hilirious when the people say it, because they will say, i want a grande BLEEP, Or they will say, wow que rica BLEEP. i just look at them like, what! hahaha I know childish, but its the small things in laugh that truely bring joy. Winky face! 

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