Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8.5.2015 Santiago News

Dear Everyone, 
Hi, well i honestly could not think on what to write. But i have a lot of feeling of gratitude, especially being here and seeing the sacrifices families make to be members of the church. Its humbling. It honestly them that drives me to work. This week almost every night we have held activities at the church leading up to stake conference. Its going great. Yesterday we had game night, Gabi was in charge. It was lots of fun. We went with a member, Enrique Sandoval from Peru, hes a great leader and very funny. The humor here is just off the wall strange, but funny. We went with him, and the other elders. Lots of members showed up. We played many games, to support the ward. We played this wrestling game, where you place a flag on your belt, but behind you, like a tail. your objective is to snatch the other persons flag. It was fun. I won in that game. I went against Elder Ramirez. Great fun. 
My companion goes home in one and half weeks, im trying to learn as much as possible from him. The mission is honestly the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. wow. I honestly never had to focus this hard, thats my biggest weakness. I have the capicity to understand and speak the language, and learning the lessons just takes practice, but the socializing has been the biggest challenge for me. 
Remember Rosa, the elderly women who lives with her daughter and the daughters family. We had a noche de hogar, the family night with them. It went really well. THe family is great. The daughters name is Gladis, and the husband is Herado, the kids are Fabian, Luicho, Victor. The family gave me the nicknames Pancho VIlla and Pedro Fernadez. haha  I have noticed no one here every calls me by Elder Rivera or even Elder unless they are a member of the church. Always nicknames, or by my first name. We have been trying hard to get the whole family to church, only Rosa goes. My companion and I know for sure Gladis and her whole familiy will be baptized one day. Herado is  the toughest of the family in terms of accepting the gospel. But what i Love is they listen to us because they want their family to be more unified and happier. And Rosa, keeps reading and praying and its been incredible to see how the God has helped her. When i first met her, my companion and I knew we would have to teach very simple, because she didnt understand much. Trying to teach her was very difficult, just simplying every down to the bare minimum. But now she reads the book of mormon and the bible, the very little that she can and tell us what the verse is about. WOW! I know its because she has allowed the gospel to enter her heart again, since she is a less active member. ANd her great force to read and pray has brought her blessings of understanding and great faith. I love her and the family! Rosa is a big child, always joking with us. Thats something about the Chileans, always joking around and very very very direct. Especially in the City. 
One of my favorite things here is divisions, when i go to other sectors or areas for the day. Well, i always stay here and another missionary comes to sector where i am. I enjoy the divisions, because i get to see the strengths of other missionaries. And how extremely unique each missionary is, i love it. See there strengths and try to aplpy what they do to how i work. Each person i write at least one thing i learned from them. They tell me they can tell i am trained by elder ogden, because im always on the move. Oh fun news, this Friday i am going to train someone from the MTC for a few hours. I go pick him up and then he and I will work in my sector for a few hours. I want to take him contacting houses. It will be lots of fun, and they told me he is gringo. sweet. Oh activity this Thursday, is a cultual night. Where different groups will represent different countires, since there is so much diversity in Chile. My companion and I are United States along with two other members. Magali and Deborha, a single mom and her daughter. They are from the south of Chile, mom Magali reminds me lots of you. We are going to make brownies. Yum Here everyone goes crazy for brownie, they always ask the american missionaries if they know how to make them. Also we are making corndogs, since we had to throw in something fried, unless its not truly american. Thats all for now, have a great day Thank you so much for the letters and photos! 


Elder Rivera 

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